“Business is won at the point of contact, where a team member greets a client. Take your frontline team to the next level by empowering them with real world skill sets to create the “Wow Factor” at your organization”

Mark Tallman

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Our group has designed and facilitated courses for Retail Automotive Dealerships and Manufacturers in the following area’s:

Manufacturers Management Courses
Retail Sales Management Courses
Sales Consultant Skills-Set Courses
Guest Service Skills Courses
Parts and Service Courses

There are several ways we can provide services to your organizaton:

Bring Mark Tallman into your organization with “Customize On-Site Courses”

On-site Management Training

On-site Sales Training

On-site Guest Service Skills Training
Bring Mark Tallman to your organization via his Guest Service DVD series for the Frontline Team

Guest Service Skills for the Frontline Team.
To order contact Mark directly or to review the content of the DVD series you can download the PDF below.

(YouTube link to the 5-Part DVD series, Guest Service Skills for the Frontline Team)
Contract Mark Tallman to develop a customize curriculum for your organization:

Mark Tallman has design courses for Toyota South Africa, Nissan of South Africa, Toyota of New Zealand, Cadillac SFE Sales Symposium, Maritz, and Mercedes Benz.

Contract Mark Tallman directly to discuss your initiative: