Here are what Dealers, Managers, Salespeople, and Manufacturers are saying about Mark Tallman:

It’s with great enthusiasm; I’m recommending Mark Tallman’s on-site training services. Mark, your class made me stop and think, “You always have to be improving your skills and processes.” I can confidently say your training is a must! We are the number one Honda dealership in the country and continue to be, because of our exceptional trained team of people.

In all my years, I have never had so many people personally thank me for training. You presented positive ways to interact with our customer’s, techniques that were easy to understand. The 5 days on-site training course you delivered for our dealership was fantastic, real world, and straightforward.

Mark, what I liked best about your 5-days training course, “Creating the Wow-Factor through Exceptional Guest Service”, was getting everybody, my entire team inspired to deliver exceptional guest service all at the same time. What I would recommend to anyone considering Mark’s training, is you have to get the whole dealership involved, it’s that good!

Brad Mugg
General Manager
Norm Reeves Honda Superstore
Cerritos Auto Mall

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I have known Mark for over 20 years. Mark launched Penske College in 1994 and was the director of training for Penske Motor Group until 2004.

We continue to utilize Mark for training our staff. He is a great motivational speaker/trainer who keeps our staff engaged throughout his courses and always has our team members walking away with knowledge and skills that they can apply immediately.

Tom Rudnai
Longo Toyota - Lexus

South Bay BMW/MINI is acknowledged to be one of the most outstanding Automotive Dealerships in the United States. Our franchises are always positioned at the top of the nationwide rankings in their respective brands. As a championship goal oriented organization, I am always searching for new and unique modes to reinvigorate our businesses. A key element to this ongoing endeavor of getting better and staying on top has been hiring Mark Tallman for onsite training and coaching of our Sales Managers and Client Advisors. Mark Tallman has become a great asset and a key player in developing new Client Advisors and fine-tuning our veterans.

Mark’s positive inspirational delivery style works well with our team. The evidence is our people are always enthusiastic about attending his classes. His real world sales psychology and phraseology have become integrated throughout our organization. I enthusiastically recommend Mark’s Professional Sales Consultant’s College to any organization looking to learn, grow and improve on the road to becoming the “the best you can be”!

Peter Boesen
Vice President/GM
South Bay BMW/MINI

Now that we have had nearly two full weeks on our new 'Active Service Delivery and Cashiering' program I can say that the launch was a huge success, the key for our management team will be to sustain the energy and momentum that we have captured. Your training helped instill confidence with our Service Consultants. Within the next week and months we will be able to mesure the net gains by our survey scores.

Looking forward to the up coming Training.

Joe Castro
Service Director
Longo Lexus

Our plan was to create interest among our customers so we wouldexperience increased attendance for an anniversary promotion. Additionally, we thought that Mark could also speak with our employees later in the day.

We were very successful in each area; Our customers and employees both gained a great deal of substance from Mark, and his reputation as a great trainer and motivator is well deserved. We plan on having Mark back later in the year to present a full program to all of our employees, and they are looking foward to it.

Jeff Barber
State Line

“We’ve utilized Mark Tallman’s services for our on-site training and consulting for the last year, and with good results. With the current business climate, we saw the need to track and analyze our incoming opportunity via the floor, phones, and internet traffic. With Mark’s assistance, we implemented a ‘Daily Opportunity Log’ with ‘One-on-One Opportunity Meetings’ with our sales team. After three weeks of tracking and coaching, we had the best week (and weekend) since first opening the dealership. Our appointments are up and sales are improving. I want to thank Mark for being the positive catalyst to start the process!”

Peter Leavy
General Sales Manager
RBM of Atlanta North

“While attending the General Sales Manager Bootcamp, in La Jolla, California as a dealer principal, I was immediately impressed with Mark’s expert teaching knowledge and his worldwide experience in the auto industry. Desiring growth for my organization, I hired Mark to provide sales training for our dealership. His expertise was instrumental in our success that helped us to achieve a record setting year in which our net profits grew 4.7% in sales! I would highly recommend Mark for your training needs at your dealership. He is not only an exceptional and gifted trainer, he is a quality individual highly respected in all facets of his life.”

Tim Holm, Dealer Principal
Holm Automotive Group
(Chevrolet & Buick)

“Mark’s DVD’s are one of the best training investments we’ve ever made. They are a great resource for our management, sales, service and parts teams! We are focused on personalizing the information presented and perfecting the Power Word Phrases to improve our customer transaction process and elevate our CSI.”

Tom Hauswirth, GM
Moritz BMW Cadillac MINI
“ I broke a 10-year record at the dealership, selling 195 certified cars and becoming the #1 salesperson and the #2 sales consultant in the region! This year I am on track to sell 235 units! I would recommend the DVDs to anyone who ”

Gary Aggas, Salesperson
Moritz Cadillac, BMW
Certified Sales Department 
I have known personally and worked with Mark for nearly 15 years. I haven't found anyone in the business that does a better job. Rather than "training" our associates, he helps them learn.

Ken Hunt, Owner
Hunt Nissan Tennessee

“Mark Tallman’s approach to Automotive Sales Training is both refreshing and impactful at the same time. His easygoing style and content focuses on getting back to the basics – an important step for any Sales Manager that wants to move forward. Our audiences love that Mark is a trainer who has walked the walk, and is now able to talk AND teach it.”

Tenley A. Pastula
Operations Manager
Maritz LLC
“GSM Bootcamp® gave me a deeper understanding of how all the pieces come together. As a Fixed Operations Director, the ability to drill down and be exposed to the similarity and differences within the operations will enhance the global performance of our entire business.”

Tony Carimi, Service Director,
Park Place Motorcars
Fantastic and extremely applicable. The management material, with the proper application, can be directly tied to increasing retention, profitability, etc. Mark and Jeff both were 'on their game' from bell to bell. Dealers will recover the cost of this course within the first week that the GSM is back!"

Mark Coleman, Retail Sales Operations
Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A.
Lexus Division / Southern Area

“I would recommend this seminar; I have been to numerous auto trainings in the past 15 years and this is one of the first real, hands-on, positive approach seminars that I will actually use in my day to day business practices.”

Andrea Amick, Sales Manager
Lexus of Westminster
“I’ve been in this business for over 20 years and have been ex-posed to many trainers and I will assert that Mark is the best of the best! He brings to the table excellent platform and training skills and is very strong in one-on-one training elements. He also has something that a lot of other trainers don’t have and that is hands-on experience working with all the employees and managers at Longo Toyota and the other Penske dealerships.”

Jeff Sacks, President
Jeff Sacks & Asso.
The feedback from our dealer team to Mark’s training has been excellent. The fact that so many CEO chose to attend your training tells the store in itself. I think you have struck a chord with our dealers because you are genuine- you related to them on a personal as well as a business level. Our dealers look forward to your return next year.

Jamie Aderdein Manager, Dealer Operations
Toyota New Zealand

I am new to the world of auto sales and I have excelled scoring as high as fifth in the sales force at Longo Lexus, due to the outstanding and enlightening training I received from Mark Tallman.  I have only been in auto sales six months.

Mark’s technique of teaching is right on the mark, when it comes to dealing with customers wants, needs, concerns and objections.  He conveys all of the emotions and attitudes for both customer and salesperson.

I have faced many of the pitfalls of selling that were handled well due to Mark’s heads up training.  He has transformed green rookies into competitive salesmen.

The continuing education he provides is informative and assures success when we follow his model.

I owe Mark a debt of gratitude, because I truly believe he has prepared me for a sales career and provided all of the tools needed for success.

Felix Giles
Sales Consultant
Longo Lexus

Mark is the best. This was my second class. I have used a lot of your ideas from your first class in Capetown. Last year I was the top salesperson in South Africa and received an award from Toyota. This month I am tracking over 36 vehicles!

Rudi Kohrs, Sales
Barlowworld Toyota, Cape Town South Africa

Mark’s seminar was excellent, informative and relevant.

Deborah Teeter, Fleet & Internet Manager
Valley Hi Toyota



Mark’s seminar provided me with more tools for my verbal tool box, a good reminder on what works, and poignant role-play examples to ensure everyone’s understanding. His delivery was relevant and upbeat and, most importantly, Mark gave us many valuable tools to implement.

David Dennis, BDC Manager
Bob Moore Nissan

Mark’s delivery, message and philosophy on how to utilize performance coaching tools hit home! Over the years, I have been to many management courses, but Mark’s class was more applicable to where we are today.

Tom Metheny, Service & Parts Director
Bob Moore Infiniti

No matter how long you are in the business, you need a refresher on the fundamentals. Mark’s professional and positive approach to the business makes all the difference.

Jayme Presten, Internet Director
Bob Moore Infiniti

Mark’s presentation really opened up my mind on using a different approach to manage my team.  I think every manager should attend his classes. His ideas made complete sense and I have already seen results from the ideas I have implemented. 

Anne Maxwell, Sales Manager
Bob Moore Infiniti

The fluidity by which Mark explained the negotiation process kept everyone engaged. It was an excellent presentation that really makes you think about your day-to-day interactions with your customer.  The best part of the seminar was Mark’s interaction with the group.

Rickey Bradford, Sales Manager
Bob Moore Buick GMC

Mark’s presentation on how to address client objections was excellent. His ideas are real world, and they work.

Jeff Powell, GM
Bob Moore Cadillac

The lease and negotiation training Mark presented was practical and provided useable information. The class puts more real world ideas in your toolbox, along with better phraseology for salespeople and managers. 

Chase Mason, GSM
Bob Moore Cadillac

The course that Mark presented on negotiation was the most common sense training I have participated in.  He showed us how to address client objections in a positive way.

Clint Robinson, Sales
Bob Moore Cadillac

Mark’s approach in creating a zero resistance in order to advance a conversation was excellent.  I would recommend his seminars, as the content is based on intuitive insights and the science of communicating effectively with customers.

Brendon Malicoate, Sales Manager
Bob Moore Land Rover Subaru

The topic of taking a negative situation and bringing about a positive outcome was excellent. Mark is a great guy and his training can create more sales and greater opportunity to move up in the business.

LaMelle White, Sales
Bob Moore Cadillac

Mark’s entire course was great! The new phraseology and the section on personalizing your conversation were the best parts of the class. He was very thorough and did a great job of explaining ideas, so both new and experienced salespeople could learn some great phraseology.

Ralph Ashley, GSM
Bob Moore Buick GMC

Mark is a great teacher. All the material is relevant and it makes practical sense. Again, great job Mark!

Chad Ashley, Sales Manager
Bob Moore Cadillac

Everyone can benefit from Mark’s courses. Even if you have been in the business 20 years, you will take away ideas that you can use.

Oscar Rivas, Parts Manager
Cerritos Infiniti

Mark’s presentation was excellent! The most important takeaways were how to manage, motivate, listen and lead people.  

Tony Lombardo, Service Director
Cerritos Ford Lincoln Hyundai

The most important idea I picked up was Mark’s approach on how to create a positive one-to-one coaching session with an employee.  As well, Mark’s presentation to our team has created a positive impact on our guest service and employee satisfaction.

Ron Gissingel, Parts Manager
Cerritos Ford Hyundai

Mark’s class was excellent; I picked up three great management ideas that I can improve upon right now!

Mike Lange, Service Director
Cerritos Ford

What I liked best was Mark’s useful, common sense information that is going to be easy to apply to our business immediately.

Angie Marzinke, GSM
Cerritos Ford

The most important topic for me was managing through positive reinforcement.  Also, Mark’s approach to business was desperately needed for our team and really reflected the times.

Vince Marquez, GSM
Norm Reeves Honda

Mark’s class on phone phraseology is important for increasing floor traffic and sales.

Andy Graves, Sales
Garvey Hyundai

Mark’s management course was a good refresher. I enjoyed how the class explored different approaches to handling employee performance issues in a positive way. The most important takeaway for me was the value of team members participating and buying into better performance. Great presentation Mark!

Douglas Elliott, Service Manager
Bob Moore Cadillac

Mark is always an excellent presenter with great subject matter!

James Moriarity, Sales Manager
Bob Moore

Mark’s entire seminar was great! He was engaging and entertaining in his presentation. Above all, the information he shared was very relevant to improving my performance. This is a good seminar for anyone in retail.

Zach Sanders, Parts Advisor
Bob Moore Chrysler

Bottom-line, everyone who is in contact with a customer needs to take Mark’s class!

Jeff Skea, Service Manager
Bob Moore

The most important aspect of Mark’s presentation was how fundamental it is to keep our phraseology with our customer positive. What I liked most about Mark’s class was learning how to create floor traffic outside the conventional way we have all been trained. I would recommend Mark’s seminar to anyone who wants to learn new ways to be more effective and efficient with every customer opportunity.

Nathan Smith, GM
Garvey Hyundai North

Mark’s presentation was real world, revealing, instructive and educational.
Excellent course! I really enjoyed his interactive and engaging approach to teaching the group.

Mike Morris, Sales Manager
Hyundai of New Port Richey

Mark’s presentation was excellent and the course material was very relevant for us. It was refreshing to hear new ideas and ways that we can move the needle for each salesperson.

Warren Blackburn, GSM
Hyundai of New Port Richey

Everything Mark presented in class was important to us and implementing these ideas will increase our sales and CSI.

Ron Maider, GSM
Hyundai of Wesley Chapel

Mark knows the car business and his presentation was upbeat and relevant for today’s marketplace. I especially liked the one-to-one positive performance coaching approach.

Mike Leonard, Sales Manager
Hyundai of New Port Richey

Even though I have been in the automotive business for 15+ years, I learned a great deal and was refreshed on a lot of ideas.

Jeena Verdeloft, Internet Sales Manager
Hyundai of New Port Richey

What I liked was Mark’s positive spin on everything, especially on the negatives we deal with as managers. It was great information for all of us, veterans and rookies alike!

Kevin Wilkerson, Sales Manager
Hyundai of New Port Richey

Mark is extremely knowledgeable about the car business. The information he presented was great, and necessary to keep us fresh and productive.

Harry Hahn, Sales
Hyundai of New Port Richey

This was a great seminar from start to finish!

Colt Johnson, Sales Manager
Bob Moore Cadillac